record store

I love music. There’s nothing quite like walking down to the record store on Friday afternoons to shuffle through their selection. They have a deal: four used CDs for ten bucks–can’t beat it! It’s so hard to just pick four. I mean really, really difficult, especially when I want to get things I love while also discovering something new. Thankfully they introduced a mystery box: twenty CDs for five bucks. Love it! I felt giddy tearing open it’s computer paper packaging and looking inside: Bare Naked Ladies, U2, Tori Amos, Lionel Richie, Matchbox 20, Silverchair, a Titanic soundtrack…. All right, I can dig.

I love rock. Nineties rock, especially. Our Lady Peace, REM, The Toadies, Incubus, Foo Fighters, Orgy, Vendetta Red, Linkin Park, Everclear, Counting Crows, Stabbing Westward, Korn, Rage Against the Machine…. the list goes on and on. I love to blast them on my stereo while I’m driving and sing–or scream as the case may be– until my voice cracks. I love to air drum and guitar while I run at he gym. I love music. I love its emotion and passion and feeling it pulse throughout my own entirely goofy and terribly inaccurate air drum and guitar show. I’ve seen more than a few people observing me with a wry smile across lanes while I’m jamming in my car. I also love to sing, my roommate says my voice acts like a bell– she always knows where I am. My neighbor says she can usually guess what kind of mood I’m in, although I think that’s a flawed system considering the content of most of what I listen to. People stop me on the street to ask if I sing professionally, I laugh. Sometimes I think about trying out for one of those shows.. I never want to be famous. I smile at the sentiment, though, and I skip a little ways with my dog Buckley. (Any guesses who his namesake is?)

There’s just something phenomenal about a bad ass guitar or bass line paired with a sick vocal delivery and great lyrics.. I love raw lyrics, gritty lyrics that you can really hear the pain–or hope or joy or anger or love–in. Honest lyrics make me feel like I can relate to the writer, And if given a chance we could understand each others experience.. And that’s really what music is to me: a means of communicating emotion and sharing your experience with other people– through the pulse and rhythm and the words that back it up. I love it all.


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