Four things that take my socks and just knock them right off

The (infinite?) Vastness of Space: the known universe is so far across that it takes light billions of years to reach the other side, so theoretically if you were at the other side of the universe and had a telescope with the magnification ability to see Earth you’d be looking into our past because of the time it takes light to travel there and back. We are so small, it’s really disconcerting (the really intense score doesn’t help). How silly to think there was a time we believed Earth was the center and tortured those scientists who proved otherwise.

Ants Ability to Carry Huge Shit: they are so strong it’s crazy awesome! They can lift 5000 times their body weight, any more and their heads pop off–but hey that’s still impressive! Just think if they were the size of say, a field mouse, they could give us rides.. or eat us, who’s to say? So glad there’s a marvel superhero named Ant Man, ants deserve respect. (Note to self: check out Ant Man comics…) UPDATE: Ant Man is not about how great ants are, it’s just a guy who can change size and when he’s small he can control ants (?) for whatever reason, I formally rescind my endorsement of Marvel’s “so called” Ant Man.

Conception (aka baby makin’): It’s such an in depth process that has to go perfectly in so many facets it’s no wonder people call it miraculous. The Mother’s own immune system attacks all the Father’s foreign invaders, with a slight few surviving the journey and growing into an adorable little pluffernuggin (word I just made up to describe babies) or two.

Prosthesis (manufactured limbs, not a really pro college essay.. okay that’s a terrible joke, but I’m gonna run with it now. I’m committed, for better or for worse…): The advancements here are incredible–people who lost a leg are able to run marathons and dance the cupid shuffle, when fifty years ago they’d never even walk comfortably again. Scientists have even developed the ability to convert muscle movements into electrical signals that trigger movement, such as bending a finger. How friggin’ sweet is that?!

Seriously, all these things are fucking rad! What’s on your list of amazing things?


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