I’m a Tired Factory

I sing a song when I’m sleepy past the point of normalcy, and my eyes produce water for seemingly no reason, and everything becomes the most hilariously awesome things ever.. I’m too tired to remember why, just that my best friend was involved and for some reason there was much factory talk around that time.. we get pretty goofy when we’re tired+amped up on energy drinks (him) and espresso (me). Most likely it came out of a game of mad lib’s on some long drive, or it just fell out my brain thoughts through a magical portal. Whatever the case it’s super adorable:

“I’m a tired factory
I manufacture sleep”

It’s short, just like this post and my stature, and half the adorable is in the actual singing of it.. so I’m really only giving you part of the experience, but it’s really time for me to get to the shop and produce those zzz’s…………….


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