men on the street

I genuinely hate men on the street.. I mean what is it about the setting that makes it seem okay in a dude’s brain to whistle, honk, grunt or otherwise make a noise to get me to look over at you? Who are the women that are responding to this? And what a terrible state their self-esteem must be in. Worse yet is when men on the street talk, we don’t have a relationship and you eye-raping me isn’t going to magically manufacture one. I’m not looking at you for a reason, I don’t want to say “hi” back I want to say “go fuck yourself and stay the fuck away from me.” It is in no way flattering to be yelled at by some fucking punk in a shit car “hey, do you want to have sex?!” and abruptly speed away while I’m walking my dog. Or to follow me as my pace has obviously quickened. Or to yell, “Ai mami” followed by a string of primal grunting. Or to wave from your car and when I don’t respond to turn your car around and follow me home so you can “just say hi.” We’re not friends, and stalking me doesn’t make me want to know you, it makes me want to take down your license plate number and file a restraining order, you creepy fuck. So weirdos on the street who think I’m gonna spontaneously fuck them when they insult me, I fucking hate you and so do all respectable women. I hope your cock gets gangrene, how bout that motherfucker? One of these days I’m gonna mace you.


One thought on “men on the street

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