How to: Jane Austen That Shit!

Choosing a transfer school is difficult. It’s equal parts super exciting and super scary. Will I get in to my top pick? If I get in will I be able to afford my top pick? Is it inappropriate to ask to be considered for a full scholarship, or just super ballsy in a respectable kind of way? How much about my life is it appropriate to tell them, and will it sway their decision?

Of course I don’t want to be controlling, so the answer is really just as much as feels comfortable–which is simultaneously helpful and terrifying, because if I don’t make them want me how will they know to…? Yikes, settle down codependency!

Seriously though, it’s a super big deal! I never even really thought I would go to college, let alone go to a quality college. I literally did not grow up with the mindset: finish high school, go to college. It was more like finish high school… take over Dad’s business? Marry some mediocre dude, pop out some babies, resent that dude and those babies for the fact that I’m miserable and never tried to do anything with my life? Follow my parents example.

I’m like a whole other person outside of that belief system, now. I can participate in the norms of society if it’s right for me. I can go to a good school and get a quality education and major in writing and not worry if it’s the perfect decision because nothing is the perfect decision. Life is just a bunch of decisions that may or may not work out, but none of the ones that don’t work are failures if you just learn something from them.

I don’t need to be afraid of applying to school’s I didn’t used to think I was good enough for. You know why? Because that whole idea of not being good enough for shit is straight up bullshit. I don’t even care that I used iterations of shit two times in a row, that’s how shitty that shit is. Seriously. What the shit?

If little high school kids can feel good about going to a quality college than so can I. Granted they probably have the financial support of their parents [so jealous!], but fuck it, right? I only have like sixty or seventy years left to explore life and interact with humanity. I don’t believe my parents anymore that I’m “not good enough”. A quality school opens up quite a few opportunities for my future, and if it doesn’t work out at the very least I’ll be surrounded by intelligent wealthy men in need of wives. I’ll Jane Austen that shit.

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