Should I become a Professor?

tweed blazer

– Flexible schedule with many incorporated breaks.
– More time to write than many other career options [potentially].
– Has potential to be fun and engaging atmosphere.
– Would incorporate more learning, more easily into my future–which is something I’d
really enjoy continuing to be a part of my life
– Summers off. Seriously. That’s pretty baller.
– Encouraging kids who are in the situation I’m in now would be super rewarding.
– New students every semester [might] keep it
– I enjoy challenging others and being challenged by them in return.
– It would be an adventure and I like trying new things.
– An academic environment [as far as other professors] sounds stimulating.
– There would be a stream of visiting speakers and performers each semester.

– Teaching kids who don’t care [can be helped by teaching upper level courses].
– Potential job availability may be scarcer than other fields [although to be fair the other
career I’m most considering is as an editor, so…]
– Classes are new each semester so you never know who you’re going to be spending a
majority of your time with.
– Would feel super frustrating to be [potentially] surrounded by difficult people.
– Might feel dull to teach same material over every three or four months, and changing the
lesson plans up could be[?] super intensive.
– Have no “control” over the people I spend time with, in flux every semester.
– Students maybe be investing just for the grade and might not really be interested in the
subject matter, would feel disappointing in the end.
– As a professor I wouldn’t be getting the same thing out of it as a student. [I don’t
know if that’s good or bad].
– I’m really more interested in editing professional work, editing students could be
absolute drudgery [based on workshop material I read through for classes, I could see myself giving many students failing grades. It would be challenging to “know how to grade”, although I’m sure I’d develop some sort of system. That being said, I don’t know how I would feel about giving someone an undeserving grade. It would be one thing if their intention was there and they’re still developing their writing skills, but that’s obviously a judgement call on my part.]
– The salary isn’t the best, may need to supplement income. [or Jane Austen that Shit!].

Bottom line, I don’t have enough information to actually make a decision right now, and honestly I’m still way more interested in editing professionally. I like the idea of it, and could see it being a good fit for me, but I’m still exploring my options. Plus, I’m way far from making a legit decision about “what I’m going to do with my life” career wise, and I feel super okay about that. I’m not crunching to make a decision about this [I’m crunching to make a decision about which school to transfer to], and I feel fine about “not knowing”.

Just exploring my options…… what do you think?

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6 thoughts on “Should I become a Professor?

    • Aw thanks, that’s very kind. I’m always happy to hear when people enjoy my work. =]

      The professor thing is something I’m considering, but I’d really like to edit professionally [and more than that I’d like to write, but I think it’s smart to be practical].

      The good news is I don’t have to decide for a few years really, because that’s how long ill probably be in school. Who knows, maybe my memoir will be a best seller……. *fingers crossed*


  1. I was in the biological sciences, where the life of an academic is largely research and grant writing. My search for a post in academia was unsuccessful and I had a string of positions in R&D in industry. At least in the positions I held, I was able to follow many of my own interests because I was willing to put in frequent 10 to 12 hour days.

    Why not apply for positions that interest you in academia and editing? You don’t have to make up your mind until you have a job offer, and people do go from editing to academia and back.


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