Be Negative: Internet Comment Sections

The internet is not a safe place. WordPress has been the only anti-example of that statement, in that no one here has attacked me [yet?], but for the most part people on the internet are worse than regular people [ie: reddit, youtube, chat section of online gaming, 4chan]. The scary part is, they are regular people.

In real life encounters with stable strangers, for the most part we each make it through unscathed. Neither of us insults the other’s genitalia or encourages the other to get cancer and/or die. Neither of us says aloud our explicit imaginings or rips apart our perception of the other’s level of mental health and childlike naivety.

In real life we are cowards. On the internet we are anonymous, and the size and temper of another doesn’t have to be taken into account. We don’t have to calculate if we can outrun out target, we’re simply hidden away behind a screen.

The sad part is, the puny cowards leaching hate out into the world [and therefore all over the next generation] are simply projecting the way they feel about themselves outward, because it’s easier than admitting they feel that way about themselves. Hurt others the way you’re hurt, because then you don’t feel so bad about yourself, right? Not really. You feel worse for avoiding it to begin with, and guilt for causing pain to undeserving strangers.

You know what’s better than attacking other people the way you’ve been attacked? Being understood by other people who’ve been hurt in the same way you have. So quit being a bitch and trolling the internet. I’d respect you more if you tried to pull that shit in real life, although I’m pretty sure you’d be beat to death. Send love.


5 thoughts on “Be Negative: Internet Comment Sections

  1. Well said!
    “Hurt others the way you’re hurt, because then you don’t feel so bad about yourself, right?”
    That statement is true, I have watched this countless times on Twitter and I have concluded that people who troll on others have serious internal issues that they take out on the rest of the world.


  2. People are brave online when they are either anonymous or untouchable, they say stupid things that they wouldn’t say to anyone’s face because they are cowards and would get battered from here to next Sunday.


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