I’m Confused: WordPress Stats

Sometimes I don’t understand the stats page. For instance: it will say zero views on a day when I had ten people like an evening post. What’s that about? Another time it thought I was in Madagascar or some other obscure place [okay it wasn’t Madagascar, I just really want to go to Madagascar, so I say it in place of other things sometimes].

Also, does it calculate views by scrolling down category pages, or clicks? I feel like I should better arrange my content based on whatever the answer is. Or at least moving forward. For instance: I see many people have opening pages that have a sampling of post snippets, and I kind of like that set up. Not sure it it really helps navigation, though. I already have several ways to navigate available, which generally “promotes” a variety of different posts. Anybody have any advice for navigating the stats page or layout things?


7 thoughts on “I’m Confused: WordPress Stats

  1. I’m a little confused about the stats page too, but I do know that, with a lot of WordPress blogs, you can read the post without actually going to the site. When scrolling through various blogs on WordPress’s main page, If you just click on the title of a post, a preview box pops up. I’m not sure if WordPress counts those as views or not.


    • Yeah.. I read a ton of posts like that, that’s a great point. I hope it counts for people.. I wonder if that’s why some posts won’t show the whole post and you have to click to “view original post” to keep reading? It’s a bummer if that doesn’t count at all for people. I feel like I need a website tutorial or something.


  2. I’m confused about the same thing too. And I dont have an answer for you. Tho I wanna share that what I like about the stats is that it teaches me about geography. Somebody from Germany liked my post….ohhhh so that’s where Germany is on the map..stuff like that. :p

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  3. I like the snippets page, though there are drawbacks. If you look at my blog, you can see a list of links at the top, some of which are actually categories. That way, a reader can just click tyo see main categories and find all the posts.


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