I hate the kid who talked shit about shame orbiter

He’s alright, or whatever, but man does he have a shit opinion about this piece. There’s too many big words, it’s trying too hard. Fuck you. It’s about Science, they aren’t my words, it’s just terminology. Maybe you just need to take a fucking physics class or use a dictionary and you’ll understand. Or don’t. Physics doesn’t like you anyway. Also, hello, it’s a fucking writing class, you don’t want me to have an expansive vocabulary? Seriously? Why don’t you just learn new words.. isn’t that the point of writing? To communicate through LANGUAGE. And it IS original. Who the fuck have you seen combine astrophysics, psychology, recovery and MY LIFE, dude? Cos I need to have a word with them for stealing my experience. I hate the fact that it’s tainted for me now and I have your stupid voice in the back of my head while I’m editing it. I literally believe you’re incorrect. Also, I’m pretty sure you didn’t even finish it. I’m sorry. Was it too long? 2500 words is a lot to someone who only ever hands in 400, I suppose. Yeah, that’s right. I can be offensive too. Why don’t you go look up my words, integrate them into your vocabulary and fucking beef up your essay, dude? Fuck you. Fuck. I hate how much I’m thinking about your opinion. You’re barely an adult. At least I know how to fucking show not TELL TELL TELL TELL TELL TELL TELL TELL TELL TELL TELL TELL TELL TELL TELL TELL TELL. Yeah. If you were a person in the street right now I’d yell things at you I’d regret later.

What I’m really trying to say is: my feelings are hurt, I wish he was more respectful.


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