The Phone hasn’t Rung in the Last Hour

I work in sales. People call me to buy espresso machines. If nobody’s calling there is literally no work for me to do [okay.. there may or may not be emails that I’m avoiding, still, it’s mainly phone calls]. That being said, the longer the phone doesn’t ring the more annoyed I am when it does. Cos by then I’m in the middle of something.. like checking my school email and writing this very blog. How rude of them, right? The callers should really know when the answer..ers are otherwise engaged. Like, hello, mind reading exists. That’s why men always know what the fuck their girlfriends/wives/aunts/moms/daughters/randomfemaleloonsonthestreet are thinking. Always. Like always, always. This is totally one hundred percent fact based logic. I’m not speaking in a valley girl voice or rolling my eyes at all right now. I would die for all my words, or at least the majority of them. April fact. Aww shit.. ring, ring. Back to reality. And no, I didn’t drink all the espresso.

5 thoughts on “The Phone hasn’t Rung in the Last Hour

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