It Follows [slowly and at a great distance]

I see so many movies with my best friend and the rest of our group of friends that it’s absurd I don’t write more reviews. I absolutely have material. Pact: whenever I feel like I can’t think of something to blog about, I will review one of the movies I’ve seen recently.

source: Wikipedia

source: Wikipedia

The trailer for It Follows looked pretty scary, [although that’s what the trailer makers are paid for] and my best friend loves gross, bloody horror movies, so we go to see them often, him and I [our other friends aren’t as interested in mutilation and jumping].

The plot revolves around this particular girl who’s been dating a guy and has feelings for him, but it’s all an elaborate ruse in order to get her to sleep with him to pass along his demon STD. Now, whenever I explain the movie I start off with “It’s like a PSA for safe sex. Or never having sex, I can’t tell.” And that pretty much sums up the appearance of any sort of point.

When they do sleep together he chloroforms the girl and ties her to a wheelchair in an abandoned parking garage, which is when we get to see the mysterious “it” the title alludes to. It’s a naked women walking very slowly toward them, and my first thought is “Oh, wow, is she okay? Why is she naked? Why are they afraid of her? I’m afraid for her.” Well, that is a question I would continue to ask myself over and over again, along with “Why is she peeing?” and “Why is he standing on top of her house instead of breaking in like all the other times?” and “Why is this happening?” It’s never a good sign when you simply don’t accept the plot of the entire movie.

Props to the nerdy friend and the girl who’s always snacking, they have some great scenes, in fact the acting overall is pretty good. the soundtrack is done by a band named Disasterpeace, so needless to say it’s rad.

My main qualms are:

  • What is this movie trying to say about sex and relationships?
  • What is the water supposed to symbolize? Purity? Cleanliness down there?
  • Why didn’t anyone at any point simply calculate the time it takes to walk from place to place in order to be able to gauge the exact time the STD demon would show up? Literally. There is a simple equation for that shit. You never have to guess, you can definitively know the exact time it takes for it to walk from one place to another.
  • Why does it change into a person she loves by the end? Why does it need to at all?
  • Why does it attack in different ways [ie: fucking someone to death, throwing TVs, pulling on her hair and not even attacking her at all]?
  • What is the STD demon’s origin story? Even if it’s a curse made by a gypsy, I don’t care, I just need something to know why to pay attention for the next 90 minutes.

My best friend says I’m thinking too deep into it. That it’s just bad and that’s why it’s confusing, but I can’t accept that it’s “just bad.” The writer had an intention, it’s just not fully coming across, and who knows where it got lost? Oh, and it’s ambiguous where we even are by the end, aside from the fact that the main character is pretty selfish to me by that point, and is using her relationships in a way I find super frustrating.

I was concerned and I did jump a bit, but that’s not saying a whole lot, I’m a very reactive movie goer. If I was rating the movie overall–which I suppose is the point of a review–I’d give it a 4 out of 10. Other people liked it, in fact most of the reviews are fantastic. I’m confused as to why and what they got out of it, and truly desire to understand; but maybe I should just let it go and chalk it up to differing tastes.

Did anyone see it? What did you think?


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