Introducing: NEW Blog Category!

It’s on my header and named fiction.. which seems like an odd choice given that the first thing I posted under it is a play based on real life between my best friend and I, but hey I think we all use our lives and relationships as inspiration so I feel okay about it. Anyway it’s a name, and I chose it because I needed a place to post stuff that I felt didn’t fall into the other categories. Because: organization. If you’ve read much at this point I really think you’ll be able to tell what’s based on me or not, especially if it’s about friendship or family…

Anyway I’ll most likely post plays and short stories in fiction. I may add another category for dreams soon, too. I have some fucked up dreams… like once I dreamed Satan was choking me, and another time I dreamed I was in the battle for Middle Earth and all my friends were being slaughtered, and another time I dreamed talking Moose appeared in my Mom’s mini-van and we chatted for a bit. That last one was quite pleasant. =)


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