Making A Mobile: Tougher than it sounds

I waited until the last minute, and now I realize I don’t even have the supplies necessary to build a mobile. Also, I’d prefer not to. My professor did say he dropped the lowest grade…

I don’t even have a baby, what do I need a mobile for?


12 thoughts on “Making A Mobile: Tougher than it sounds

  1. I had a gifted teacher who had us writing “college level research papers” one week (no pencils! And he bitched because in the dot matrix printer days, my footnotes didn’t come out aligned right… I was in 8th grade!) and we had to make heart mobiles with popsicle sticks, construction paper, glitter and glue the next week. We made sure to use a shit-ton of glitter just to annoy him. He was that kind of teacher…

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    • Oh my god I completely forgot about those kinds of printers! I loved printing shit on those! Until you had to tear it.. that was sketchy territory.

      That sounds like an annoying teacher to have in eight grade.. I would have asked why he isn’t teaching college level courses if he’s so into them.

      I actually quite like my physics professor, and to be fair I am in college and he gave us two weeks for this project that I’ve now completely blown off… I’m pretty sure we can rule this my own fault.

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  2. My nerdy engineering past speaks volumes. My last mobile was made of polished stainless steel and took me two days with a lathe, a hacksaw and a computer full of design software. I don’t even know where it is any more.

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