Work is all hornets and drilled out dental work

My work computer makes a wheezy, whirring noise to a particular beat; I can’t place the song it reminds me of. I wanted to say warbled just then, for the onomatopoeia and the fun factor. Work isn’t fun, so I left it out. A wheeze seems a more fitting image.

The room behind me buzzes piercingly when the lights are on. The sound is akin to packs of hornets swarming a nest kicker, or a dental operation where drills are involved.

It may be sunny; but there are no windows and the office is starkly chilly nearly every day. When it rains it sounds like every perturbed customer has congregated outside to throw rock after rock after rock on the roof and the exterior side of my wall [that’s right, the wall is an exterior one, but there are  n o   w i n d o w s ].

Morale is nightmarish. The other departments are depleted, refusing raises for years and instead implementing presumably fake commission initiatives will do that. No one has been hired to take their place. Pretty soon the rest of us chumps will leave too.


5 thoughts on “Work is all hornets and drilled out dental work

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