Thursdays are my favorite of days

I don’t have to work. I can. I think about how I should, because I’m not in school and I could use the money; but if you read yesterday’s post you can see why I would have a hard time going in when I’m not scheduled.

Honestly, even if I was scheduled my boss probably wouldn’t notice if I didn’t come in.

Anyway, I woke up and it was beautiful outside; so rather than opting to sit uselessly in a windowless room, I laid out on my roof. One might argue that laying in the sun is equally useless, but I disagree: it’s warm and happifying, also, it gives you cancer.

If you want any of those things it’s totally useful.

Also, I bought Backstreet Boy’s album Millennium last time I was at Lakeshore, and, of course, they made fun of me for it. But I don’t give a fuck, it has made me so very happy.

There’s something about cheesy 90s pop music [or any 90s music for that matter] that is remarkably wonderful to listen to. It’s just as happifying as the sun, without the cancer.

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