Little Hannah the Astronaut

photolittle hannah the astronaut. she lives by the sea. she trains¬†anemones and tortoises to collect glossy sea shells, the glossy ones are the best ones to use for rocket fuel. she grinds them up in a big red compactor, funnels it into her pint sized rocket. soon she’ll have enough to set a trajectory to mars, or a worm hole, or find out what happens in a black hole. soon she’ll have enough to see the earth as a pin head, the sun as a blazing bumble bee. sea shells are small and grumble up into even smaller dust, it takes a lot to turn into rocket fuel. she wonders if her shelled friends could make the process a little quicker by giving up their homes. they’re only slowing them down, she reasons, they’re only keeping her grounded longer.

Introducing: NEW Blog Category!

It’s on my header and named fiction.. which seems like an odd choice given that the first thing I posted under it is a play based on real life between my best friend and I, but hey I think we all use our lives and relationships as inspiration so I feel okay about it. Continue reading