Often dark, sometimes outlandish, but always striving for honesty. Sometimes I’ll share poems, short stories, re-creations of dreams I’ve had, excerpts from a memoir I’m compiling, or just random ideas about the world. Also, I’ve added a review section to share thoughts about whatever I’m currently reading, watching and listening to. Everything here is a work in progress and constructive feedback would be awesome. Ideally i’d like to build a community of other writers to bounce ideas back and forth and support each other.

FYI: I found my header image here, you can buy this image here, learn more about the Photographer Max Aguilera-Hellweg in his National Geographic Bio and visit his site to view more of his work. Also, this is a real life, ultra creepy child robot: check it out here!

49 thoughts on “about

    • It’s definitely bittersweet, I wanted to encompass the truth of the relationship–which wasn’t always sunny. In the end it’s super positive though, I mean, we’re still best friends after all thy strife and I’m a way more myself because of it so I’m actually greatful for the pain. I’m happy to have such a challenging friend, everyone deserves the kind of gentle honesty we have. It keeps us honest with ourselves about where we’re at and how authentic we’re truly being. Thanks for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed the piece! =]


  1. Reading of someone’s experiences, someone’s raw thoughts and experiences- it’s more powerful than anyone could imagine, and that’s what I saw in “Yarn Squid” and “Age”, and it was interesting to read your titles and then to get something I never expected (like the Slender Man post.)

    The point I’m trying to make is that it’s a pleasure to have someone like you follow my blog. Thank you.

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