How to: Revel in The Joys of Editing

So I’m writing a memoir, right… and I have like 10,000 words, which feels awesome, because it seems super far along. The thing is, the majority of those words are from two or three years ago, and, let’s just say I’ve grown and developed as a writer a lot since then.

They’re dreadful. Like, absolutely unreadable, and I’m not just being critical or modest or any other modifier you can think of. They are, quite simply, bad.

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Nominated: Real Neat Blog

real-neat-blog-awardThank you to Peaches and Poppycock and Chipper Zone for nominating me for the Real Neat Blog Award! I’m glad you think my blog is neat, that’s super kind and I’m happy you’re reading. =)

I am currently sitting at the awesome desk my best friend got me for Christmas, getting tickled by the tassel on my graduation cap [yes I am wearing my graduation cap.. it was sitting on my desk and felt like a good idea before all the face grazing], drinking Illy Coffee [it’s good shit, you should try it.. opening the sealed can is the best smell that exists] out of a James Dean mug and blowing off the final project for my Physics lab [I’ve thought about coming up with an excuse for this and simply settled on: I was irresponsible and procrastinated, which is especially a bummer cos I was going to make a cookie mobile]. Continue reading

To Do List

  1. Accept blog award nominations [thank you!]
  2. Finish final projects [note to self: don’t slack just because you’re graduating and you know you have an A, that’s just poor practice]
  3. Graduate Community College and unexpectedly feel sad it’s over
  4. Wait to hear back from University and try not to tweak
  5. Totally figure out and feel un-terrified by the future

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Introducing: NEW Blog Category!

It’s on my header and named fiction.. which seems like an odd choice given that the first thing I posted under it is a play based on real life between my best friend and I, but hey I think we all use our lives and relationships as inspiration so I feel okay about it. Continue reading

Hey, hey! My badge happened! =}

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.45.09 PMSo.. that’s pretty sweet, even if it is late. Thanks to everyone who is interested in reading all the thoughts that crop up into my brain area. I hope you all buy my book when it exists. Also, I promise to look at the real neat blog award soon, thanks to those of you who nominated me. Now, I’m going to go manufacture sleep, because I’m a tired factory and my bed has heating pads to reignite my sunburn and soothe my muscles. Thanks everybody and Goodnight! =D

The Phone hasn’t Rung in the Last Hour

I work in sales. People call me to buy espresso machines. If nobody’s calling there is literally no work for me to do [okay.. there may or may not be emails that I’m avoiding, still, it’s mainly phone calls]. That being said Continue reading

I hate the kid who talked shit about shame orbiter

He’s alright, or whatever, but man does he have a shit opinion about this piece. There’s too many big words, it’s trying too hard. Fuck you. It’s about Science, they aren’t my words, it’s just terminology.  Continue reading