Hannah’s Back, Back Again [this time with 2x the snark!]

I got an alert on my phone that my stats were blowing up, which is remarkable given my MIA status for the past month. Three people love the shit out of this blog, they read 175 things. Either that, or they’re just really bored. It’s questionable.

I have weird feelings as of late. I have all this time since school’s out, but I feel tired all the time and just want to sleep/watch Friends on Netflix. [Which is actually kind of stressful for me, because Continue reading

How To: Spread Eighty Thousand Pounds of Denial on a Cracker

My circumstances, inexplicably, have transformed into something fortunate and broad. I graduated community college last Saturday. That may not seem important–I know I didn’t think it was for a while–but my parents never attended college; and of five siblings, one attended some college, but I’m the only one to  Continue reading

To Do List

  1. Accept blog award nominations [thank you!]
  2. Finish final projects [note to self: don’t slack just because you’re graduating and you know you have an A, that’s just poor practice]
  3. Graduate Community College and unexpectedly feel sad it’s over
  4. Wait to hear back from University and try not to tweak
  5. Totally figure out and feel un-terrified by the future

Continue reading

I reached 200 followers and didn’t get a badge #sadface

What’s up wordpress? Why no milestone badge? I know it exists, I’ve seen others post a screen shot. Anyways Continue reading

I hate the kid who talked shit about shame orbiter

He’s alright, or whatever, but man does he have a shit opinion about this piece. There’s too many big words, it’s trying too hard. Fuck you. It’s about Science, they aren’t my words, it’s just terminology.  Continue reading