Questions + A Theory On How Slender Man Came to Be

What if an asteroid shot it’s way past Jupiter and through our atmosphere? What if it rocked earth off course and sent us out rogue into space? Would we find another star? Would that star be a G2? Or a super giant and swallow us up? What if we shot off on a rocket to look for another home? Would we find another planet like earth? Perhaps a Super Earth would solve our overpopulated city problem.. twice the space. Is there another place like this? What’s on the other side of a black hole? Is that where slender man came from? Stretched his way through a wormhole faster than light can even go?

Why are our bodies so uselessly fragile? Why are our lives so short? Did Methuselah  really live nearly a thousand years? Was it because we had a thicker atmosphere back then, or perhaps because eating unprocessed foods was the only available option. Is that part of what’s killing us at barely a tenth of Methuselah’s lifespan? Where does God live? Is hell really fire forever? Why would Satan stay? Doesn’t he have any power or real estate savvy? Is that the last thing we know? Heaven and hell? Did you expect for me to have an answer to any one of these? I want to go to Heaven and talk to God about dark matter.